A buyer’s guide to find the right foundation for memory foam mattress and latex mattress

There are two types of mattress foundation namely box springs and foundations. Box springs are a combination of wood and steel. They are traditional. They are mainly used for innerspring mattresses. On the other hand, foundations are solid structures used for memory foam and latex mattresses. To learn more, visit a mattress firm Washington SquarePlease Check provided Link amerisleep

What should be the buyer’s choice of foundation for a foam mattress?

The basic requirement of a buyer is a solid base. Therefore, the choice of material can be wooden, steel or any metal base. If the box spring is very hard, it can be used for latex and memory foam mattresses as well.

Foundations in the market come in steel, wood or a combination of both along with zippered cover. Such foundations are ideal for foam cores.

Why do latex and foam mattresses need harder bases?

They are heavier as compared to the traditional inner spring mattresses. This is because, latex mattress in any mattress firm Washington Square is made with many layers of high-density rubber sap. Similarly, the artificially made foam mattresses are equally heavier.

Can the old box spring be used for foam mattresses?

The average lifespan of box spring is 10 years. If one is persistent to use an older box spring, he can test it by pushing against the springs at several spots. While doing so, the feel of consistency felt should be same at all places.

Here are some different types of foundation. This would help the user to make a better choice

Platform bed frame

This type of foundation is designed without box spring. They are much cheaper as compared to other frames. This type of frame provides enough space for storage under bed. One can get a better insight by visiting a mattress firm Washington Square.

Wood – Slat

The slats are usually 3 inches apart. Therefore, if one wishes to use this for a latex or foam mattress, he should introduce a plywood or pressboard. This gives a better solidity to the structure.

Foldable metal platform

This is best suited for guest beds. It is easy to store and usually comes in compact packages. Also, this type of foundation comes in steel so that they are light in weight to carry. Many mattress firm Washington Square sell such light weight foldable platforms in wood too.

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